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Nov 8, 2012 11:00am PST
local industries, but there was a ice procte technological know-how. e nortamerican free trade agement, onafta, was crafted dual end those protections. theso now, the maquiladorasend e locatifrom the u.s.ions. and manyigrants from the holw core move to fiach other in cities soutof theorde ke ts. they are also migrating here to monterrey. located in the northern border region, monterrey is mexico's third largest city and the country's center of heavy industry. rof american-owned mattel toys,, to continue his research. as he expected, many of these workers came from the hollow core region, lured north by the higher salaries in the maquiladoras. aquí en la fábrica, pues, como le dijo... translator: here ithe factory we work an eight-hour day. for an eight-houday in my me town, they'd paybout 8,000esos. heren the factory we earn twice as much. narrator: at grote industries, most workers are women, who assemble reflectors and ilg. th a pai62 cents per hour. wthat's less than the goiageilg. in the north along the bor but it is more than new plants would ha to payin theollow core. grote man
Nov 15, 2012 11:00am PST
the environmental laws on the books. brazil has received some help from some new technology and from other ecologists, including chris uhl. uhl is the founder of imazon, a research institute located in the city of belém. the law in pará state says that 50% of all private land must be maintained in forest. until recently, that was very hard to monitor. now, using a system of satellites okgps is casearcher clos sousaitiing realowhat it allows us to do is to pickp signals from the satellites. and through ocess of triangulation we can locate ouels rylyn gr and through ocess to within about ten meters. four... ey've got ur saites now. we are... probably... in this... area. mm-hmm. narrator: if the government chooses, it can use gps to locate property lines on satlite photographs of the landscape. they can then determine how much of a farmer's land has beenleared but enforcement is stty. anotg problem is thenefficient way the cleared land is being used. the most common farming and grazing method here requires the farmer to cut tousandofirm spe,t it dry.ll set by farmers during the dry season
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2